Applausy was registered  as a single proprietorship business and later  transformed into a private limited Company under  the laws of Kenya in September 2020. Initially Applausy HR Mgt is located at Sunton Business Center 1st floor adjacent to Riagamba house along Sunton/Cieko Road,7th street. The firm is accredited by the Institute of Human Resource Management and fully registered by National Industrial Training Authority, among others.

We are offering a platform through which various talents are sourced, trained, coached, counseled and linked with prospective employers with a view to utilizing much needed services,  talents and commensurately be remunerated through engagement with honest local and international partners.

Applausy is a firm of choice offering other Human Resource auxilliary services through outsourcing anchoring on the skills and expertise of her seasoned HR Management professional services. You are encouraged to seek and utilize the wide range of innovative services offered by this firm to have a  competitive edge in the ever challenging business environment. Give us the opportunity to work with you and add value to the organizations set up



A motivated workforce is the priority and the engine that drives an organization and enhances an edge over the competition. We provide motivational speeches both in-house and virtually to the onboarding and serving employees on clients requests. We equally guarantee sourcing, coaching and tailor train motivated talents ready for productivity improvement . we partner with skilled personnel/expertise to provide hope,enthusiasm,vigour,courage,self awareness,independence and current employable tips to navigate through the murky and ever challenging encounters for development and posterity

We partner with skilled personnel / expertise to provide hope, enthusiasm, vigour, courage, self awareness, independence and current employable tips to navigate through the murky and ever challenging encounters for development and posterity.



The Director  and Founder of Applausy Consultancy

We are a people centered organization offering a one stop shop for human resource solutions to our clients at competitive and commensurate rates. With a pool of highly qualified professionals, we guarantee quality services to the satisfaction of those we partner with.


To effectively and efficiently render Human Resource management services through sourcing and partnering with individuals, organizations and Governments globally with a view to valued productivity.


To be a Human Resource firm of choice in recruitment, Training, coaching and consultancy services in the African region and beyond.



Enshrined in the Companies Act and the Human resources Professionals Act 2012, to provide effective and efficient human resources Consultancy Services to a greater satisfaction of our clients and those partnering with us in building developmental bridges that add value.


  • Professionalism
  • Innovativeness
  • Transparency
  • Customer focus
  • Honesty


  1. To provide a one place shop for all the HR related solutions to our clients
  2. To source for key talents, develop database, advise on career paths and link with strategic partners who offer commensurate remunerative packages.
  3. To provide qualifying and  competent applicants  on the possible and practicable avenues that enhances attractiveness of key talents to the global job markets
  4. To negotiate with key strategic partners willing to benefit from the quality of our services to ensure value addition to our clientale through effective and timely discharge of consultancy services.